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[ft-l] Pine Bark Beetle

Check out http://everest.ento.vt.edu/~salom/Hndbk575/575.html#Salvage
In there they say it depends on the number of trees infected, the number of
beetle-eating birds in the area and the time of year whether you can leave
the trees standing, leave the cut trees on the ground or should remove all

I also know that not only the infected trees but a buffer of good trees is
sometimes cut.  Could be the remains you see are uninfected trees from the
buffer zone.

> What I found a little strange is that the cut up logs just
> lie on the ground for days after they are cut.  Can someone
> tell me what the method/procedure is for erradicating pine
> bark beetles?
> It makes me sad to see so many trees downed, but I'm sure
> new growth with more sunlight will provide good feed for
> some critter.
> Joan
> bluetrail@aol.com