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[ft-l] Do you use the FTA web site?

PLEASE continue the site. I can't imagine why the thought of discontinuing it 
ever occurred. 

This is probably one of our best PR tools being employed. Heaven knows, we 
need all the PR we can get--if for no other reason, to educate newbies and 
any curious party! I could go on infinitely with arguments to justify the 
continuation of the site. It's just astonishing that the need is not so 
obvious. And for a native curmudgeon, the suggestion that we entice more 
people to our state is surprising mostly to me. But in order to protect our 
trail that has been fought for and worked on for so long, the protection of 
it can't be overlooked.

On a more selfish note: We now live in north Georgia. The mail delivery here 
is undependable. Most of the time, we get our FOOTPRINT..........sometimes we 
don't. So, the web site is my only convenient link to you guys. For the sake 
of a homesick Cracker, don't take the site away. 

Love y'all!
Alice & Danny

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