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[ft-l] Do you use the FTA web site?

I believe that the FTA is perhaps the most important 
environmental organization in the state.  I say this 
because it brings hundreds, if not thousands of people 
to the outdoors, and once they experience the 
wilderness, most will become avid protectors of the 
environment. With this in mind we must keep every 
possible portal open.

I use the FTA site as a teaching tool in my 
environmental science classes, and it has helped to 
inspire a large number of students, many actually now 
walk the local trails.

The only way to attract young people to the trail and 
the environment is through the web, this is where they 
go for information...

I would venture to say that within 5 years mailing the 
footprint will become a thing of the past, because it 
will posted on the web.

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