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[ft-l] Do you use the FTA web site?

The FTA Web site is extremely important and has the potential of reaching
new members far outside of the borders of Florida.  Since continual
membership dues are the key to keeping the FTA afloat, any additional
membership (especially new memberships) are very important to the FTA.  It
also provides information and a means in which the many chapters might
communicate without running up a hideous long distance phone bills.

The problems with the FTA Web site are not uncommon, I see them all the time
at work.  Yes, I'm still employed --- it even amazes me!  I also hope to
contribute to help solve some of them in the near future.  Management of
information is one that sticks out like a sore thumb.  How do you get people
who are "relatively" not Web literate to contribute to a Web site?  Message
boards, forums, etc are a couple simple solutions.  Content Management
Systems are another topic which could help gather the interests and
information from the many FTA Chapters.

I could go on and on and on... but sleep calls.

Oh, one other thing. I always seems to miss the deadline for the newsletter!

Jeff Walters

> Do you use the FTA web site?  Do you think it is worth continuing?  Do you
> feel the state-wide newsletter "Footprint" is enough?  Please add your
> thoughts.
> Daryl