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[ft-l] Hike report (Orlando to Okeechobee)

Hi, Senthil (& Spider & Suriyan)

Re. yr. hike rpt.:  the potato-lookin' things R air potatoes, also known as 
aerial potatoes...I think they R an Xotic, but not sure.

Don't know 'bout the snake & am 2 lazy 2 look it up.

Plz. pass this 2 yr. brothers...Spider, wouldya post yr. web-add. 2 me, plz?  
I tried 2 find it, usin' what U worte in our register, but got no results, 
poss. due 2 difficulty readin' yr. script (jus' as U may have difficulty 
readin' my computer-speak, developed while writin' in AT-registers...now the 
world's stuck w/it.)

Jus' had dinner w/Rick G....was a gatherin' of several fm. the L.D.-hikin' 
community, a couple named Sally & John, both retired civil servants fm. KY & 
Sandy "Navigator" Friend & her b.friend, Rich "Solar Bear" Evans...both avid 
-listers, I believe.  (I don't AT-L, but Joan sends me Nterestin' tidbits).  
The KY couple have a trailer & go about the country.

We discussed havin' a FL Ruck over nxt. Pres. Day wk.nd., in Cent. FL, 
whereby the Class of '02 mite make it up this far..we'll C if we pull it off. 
 Hope U-all can make it.

In 2.5 wks. I head 4 Springer.  Have U heard of Jan Benschop?  He's "Dutch 
Treat", a prof. singer who set Eb's poetry 2 music & was @ our FTA Conf. 
(which went fairly well & I'm quite glad it's over).  Anyway, Jan's singin' @ 
a place called Rick's in Dahlonega, 14 Apr....my friends & I R gonna Njoy 1 
last nite of debauchery there, then head rite up 2 FR-42 & O/N on the mtn., 
if we can crawl up there.

I'm regis. w/"Backpacker", & they called me back, 2 test gear on the 
trl...we'll C what materializes...why, as a certified tester, I'll B even 
more Nsufferable!

Hey, Spider, Njoy the rest-0-yr, trek...perhaps U know, Eb's finishin' @ 2 
PM., Wed., 4 Apr.

Yrs. & Happy Trs., JP

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