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[ft-l] F-HATT stuff

Here Here!

I'm currently listed to do sections 1/2 (Big Cypress) and I had got an email
some time back from someone who was thinking of joining me...Doug I think it
was...? Trying to get in touch with that person.


on 1/31/01 8:35 PM, Linda Patton at lpatton@mailer.fsu.edu wrote:

> [I'm re-sending a post that didn't seem to get through when I sent
> it yesterday.]
> So...what's up with the patches, t-shirts, etc.  AND  why aren't there
> a whole bunch of names on the sign-up chart?!?!?!  Anybody for doing
> the Bradwell Bay section?  The guys who were gonna do it just bowed out
> and now I don't have a handshake to start with.  :-(  Have we lost our
> momentum folks?  Huh?  Maybe an online cheer to perk things up??
> Rah, Rah, Sis Boom Bah
> We can do it, It's not too fah.
> eff hat! eff hat! Ya-a-a-y team!  [whistling and screaming...]
> OK, I've done my best.  ;-)
> eArThworm
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