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[ft-l] By way of introduction

Hi. I am new to ft-l and would like to give you an idea of who I am and what 
I am about. I am from northern Michigan, in a fairly prolific snowbelt, but I 
spend about 4-5 months in Florida yearly. In life experiences I have a pretty 
strong background. If life were a hike on the AT, I would be in New England 
and heading north. In trail experience I am very limited. However, I do keep 
in rather good physical shape. I intend to start a thru hike of the AT next 
March. I probably have the proper mental attitude for such an undertaking. I 
am sadly lacking in savvy and likely my equipment  
is deficient in many ways. I will likely be asking many questions and hope 
this is not an imposition. I, in turn, have little to offer you other than 
friendship and thanks. I have spent a good deal of time reading about AT but 
I realize this is a limited educational process. Anyway thanks for taking the 
time for reading this and my best wishes to all of you.