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[ft-l] ideas anyone?

Help!  I have been asked to set up some day hikes for junior high age
kids in our church youth group to introduce them to the fun of
backpacking.  I need to know some interesting trails that are here in
Northeast Florida.  We plan to hike out in the morning, eat lunch and
return to our starting point in time to drive back to Orange Park by

Do you have some favorites that have a little variety of terrain or
something else that might be interesting to kids?  

Another question: is there a limit to the size of the group on the FT on
private land?  I am a current member, but I doubt if any of the kids are.

We plan to go once a month starting in October, trying to stay away from
wildlife management areas during hunting season.

Thanks for any help you all can be!

John Wakefield
Clay County
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