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Re: [ft-l] ideas anyone?

You might want to pick up a copy of the St. John's Water Management District 
guide to trails. Your local outfitter should have copies. I recall reading 
about numerous NE Florida day hiking opportunities in there...in fact, I 
believe they have a website with trail maps and info as well. Try 

I believe the Bayard Conservation Area is a good one near you, though I 
haven't hiked it myself. http://sjr.state.fl.us/info/recguide/rg_nmap.html 
will take you to the Northern Region options, where it looks like Bayard, 
Black Creek Ravines, and Jennings State Forest are your closest options.

As for state parks, try Fort Clinch (about 3 miles of nature trails, plus 
sand dunes and the fort to explore), Anastasia Island in St. Augustine (beach 
walks and two trails, a nature trail and one to an old coquina quarry) and 
Faver-Dykes near the intersection of I-95 and US 1 (two 20-minute hikes with 
plenty of birds to see).

Enjoy the hikes!
Cheers, Sandy
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