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Re: [ft-l] Florida Trail thru-hikers

That was my feeling, too, and why I brought it up at Ex-Comm.  It seems to
me that the long-distance hikers community should be one of our target
audiences and we should make a concerted effort to go after them - make sure
they know that there is a long-distance trail a-building in Florida and they
should support it and talk it up and come check it out.  But since no one on
Ex-Comm is really a part of that long-distance hiking community, I don't
think they understand how valuable good PR within that group would be.  I
tried - but they just looked at me like I was a little crazy to even suggest

I even offered to pay my own way to Hot Springs, Damascus and The Gathering
if FTA would allow me to take the days as work days rather than my own
vacation time.  But they indicated that that was not something that staff
time should be spent on, but rather that volunteers can do it if they want
to do it.  So, all you volunteeers out there - you know what you have to do

Deb Blick

> Relating this back to the question of an FT table at the Gathering, is
> any doubt that publicity at the Gathering will lead to more memberships
> more long distance hikers on the FT?  Not in my mind.  I've been to the
> two Gatherings.  Many of the hikers there are looking for new challenges,
> especially during the winter when our conditions are most conducive.  A
> little publicity with the right group can go a long way -- because they
> to hike a long way!  :)
> Happy trails,
> Rich Evans
> Orlando

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