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[ft-l] Status - The Big Loop hike

Length of hike - 369.2 miles

Starting point - Clearwater Lake - Ocala National Forest

Direction - Southbound

Segment hiked Saturday - Route 46 at Seminole State Forest to Lake Mary Blvd.

Length of Segment - 6.9 miles

Cumulative miles hiked - 25.6 miles

Miles to go - 343.6 miles

Comments:  Mostly road walk this section, though we were pleased to flush a 
covey of quail on Hwy 46 just east of the Wekiva River.  We followed the map 
onto International Parkway instead of the blazes to Rinehart Road, somewhat 
curious as to the conflict between them.  Having done the Rinehart Road walk 
previously, I found the International Parkway route more scenic.

We finished with ten minutes to spare so we headed to Seminole Town Center 
where we joined Judy Minter's procession over to Bethune Beach for a 3.2 mile 
beach walk.  It's the only hike I've ever been on where you need to consult 
with the tide charts to plan it properly.  Of course, with Judy in charge, we 
needn't have worried!  Right, Judy?  ;-)

Happy trails,

Rich Evans

Happy trails,

Rich Evans
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