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Re: [ft-l] Florida HATT update

The FTA Ex-Comm "unofficially" approved the Florida HATT hike on Friday.
So, we can be classified now as an FTA activity - written up in the
Footprint, written up in Chapter newsletters, use of FTA, FT and FNST in
press releases, etc.  But it won't be run with support of the FTA office
(other than referring people who inquire to the appropriate website and/or
phone number) or officers,  or chapters or employees.  This will be a
grass-roots effort, run primarily through the website and my cell phone.
Joan Hobson was at the Ex-Comm meeting on Friday and is enthusiatic about it
and had me also talk about it at the Trails Committee meeting held
Saturday - so all the Chapter Trail Coordinators know what's up, too.

So, this is what I propose and have put together so far.  Sandy (FTCracker)
has offered and will create a website for us.  On the website will be:  an
explanation of what the hike is all about; a break down of the through trail
into 20-25 mile segments for people to sign up for; a down-loadable press
release that Sylvia Dunnam will help me write up where people can fill in
their own name etc and take to their local newspapers or put into their
Chapter newsletters; a down-loadable 8.5 by 11 "poster" that people can
print out and take to their local library, or put up in their business
window, etc.; a link to the FT-L so people can sign up easily and discuss
the hike on the list; and my email address for further info. Anything else
y'all can think of that would be good for spreading the news?

****** Also, Sandy (Deathsdoor) has agreed to help with the production of
patches and t-shirts once we have a design.  So, next step is to decide on a
name (I've been referring to it as Florida HATT until we reach concensus on
that) and a logo-type design.  If anyone is good at putting together images,
I have some graphics of FT and FNST and Florida stuff.  We can display
proposed images on the website once that is up and people can vote.

I'll start dividing up the trail and putting some web graphic together this
week. I would like to have the website on-line and a little flyer together
in time for the Board of Directors meeting Sept 9th and the Footprint
deadline (Sept 15).

More later,

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