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Re: [ft-l] An idea for the FT

	I volunteer to bring this up at our chapter meeting next Tuesday
night (8/8) if Kent Wimmer doesn't.  I don't know whether he's keeping
up with the list postings right now.  He may be out of town.
Sections?  Who's the most familiar with every mile of trail and where all
the road crossings are?  Kent? Joan Hobson?  I imagine that even someone
with perfect knowledge will need to spend quite a few hours figuring
out sections that will work.  Too bad all the section leaders can't have
a quick get-together to work it out.  I just had a thought...The St. Marks
Refuge Section doesn't allow overnight camping unless you're thruhiking
that entire section (over 40 miles)...maybe Dale Allen can figure out how
to do it in day-hike sections...or maybe the Refuge would give us special
dispensation.  Are there other sections with special problems?
Name?  HAFT=Hands Across the Florida Trail
       HOTT=Hands Over The Trail (of course it won't be hot in Feb.)
       FATT=Feet Across The Trail (only overweight hikers allowed) <g>
       I'm not crazy about any of these...hope someone else is more 
Logo?  Identical to HATT's, except palm trees instead of mountains

List?  I'm for using this list, since there aren't a whole lot of other
postings, usually.

Date/Hike?  Here at FSU we get 1/15 (MLK Day) as a holiday; I never knew
there was such a thing as a Presidents Day holiday.  Never mind, though
...if it's the weekend including 2/19, I'll take vacation time and hike
a section.  I always plan to do something outdoors on my birthday, anyway.   	       

Cricket, BIG thanks for starting this!
	-- eArThworm

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          "A world without wilderness is a cage." -- David Brower
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