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Re: [ft-l] An idea for the FT


Just wanted to let you know how much Datto appreciated his package - you made him smile and he immediately started munching on oreos! And then he showed me the front of his card. For the rest of the weekend, he had it in his ziplock facing out and whenever one of us would see it, we'd start laughing! I am sure he sent you an email, just thought I would let you know how many smiles you sparked.

I just thought about something regarding the Florida HATT but don't feel comfortable bringing it up since I'm not a member of the FTA and probably won't participate and really can't even remember why I lurk on this list :)

Aren't there some sections of the trail that are resricted to FTA members only? If you are opening this up to the public, is there anyway they could pay a small (or no) fee to get a three-day membership? How about a trial membership drive? Just an idea - do with what you want!

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