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[ft-l] Walking on Water

Ok, so you might have gone swimming this Memorial Day weekend.
Or you might have waded into a pond. Crossed a river. Hiked a trail.

But how about walking across a lake?

Thanks to a bizarre little quirk of geology -- sinkholes -- Mother Nature 
strikes again in Orlando, turning million-dollar lakefront property into a 
useless sea of mud. Up near Wekiwa Springs State Park, Lake McCoy vanished on 
Saturday. Most of it, that is. A sinkhole opened up in the lake bottom, and 
whoosh-- instant Florida waterfall. 

There isn't much water left now. Lots of soft mud, even more hard mud-- dried 
by the 95+ F temperatures we've been getting this weekend. A chance to walk 
across the lake. Stroll through the (wilting) waterlilies. Marvel at the mat 
of moss drying out underfoot, on what was lake bottom just three days ago. 
Watch the waterbirds feast on the snails and mussels baking in the sun.

Certainly an unusual hiking opportunity for a hot Florida afternoon!

Cheers, Navigator
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