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[ft-l] FT folks on the Appalachian Trail

I was surprised to see so many Floridians up in the mountains around Damascus 
VA and Hot Springs NC this weekend...but even in the rain, those mountain 
towns sure beat OUR spring heat! Spent some chat time with Nimblewill Nomad, 
who's currently on his way to Cap Gaspe to start his southbound thru-hike 
with another buddy of mine, JohnO. Looks like I might cross paths with them 
this fall while hiking in New Jersey. 

Also, glad to report that FTA members Gary & Millie Buffington, aka Bear Bag 
& Sweet Pea, are having a blast on their Appalachian Trail thru-hike and send 
their greetings back to Florida. They've made it to Atkins, VA thus far. If 
you want to keep up with their travels, check out their trail journal via 

Cheers, Sandy (Navigator)
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