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[ft-l] Joan's Finish....?

Just a quick update on Joan Hobson's Thru-hike.  I've received another stack
of Journal via the US Mail (post-marked a week ago?).  From the looks of
things, Joan said she would finish up the FT on around the 13th or 14th
(today).  Did anyone have a chance to go meet up with her at Ft. Pickens
(Gulf Islands National Seashore)!?!?  Any details for us working people?
I'll try to post the rest of the Journal Sections that I have ASAP.

My apologizes go out to Joan Hobson and everyone looking forward to reading
the Journal online.  I have not been able to keep up with the entries like I
would have liked to.  Last month was not a good month for my family.  My
mother had a mild stroke and is now recovering very well.   A step-in-law
uncle (I think that's how you say it) , a truly great man, suddenly was
overtaken by cancer.  I'm heading out to the funeral today at Bushnell, FL -
Military Service WWII.   These two events, the current situation with health
care and the IPO BS has placed a lot of stress on everyone.

Thanks for letting me vent that to you'all, I think it's time for a hike!
Hey Solar Bear you done with the Tax Season?  Ready for a hike? :)
Jeff "Prairie Dog" Walters

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