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trail report

> My son and his friend who are on spring break from college just hiked the
> section from Spirit of the Sewanee to White Springs.  They were thrilled
> with the trail and the hills, and had ample water from the river and a
> few springs that feed the river. They saw one huge gator in the river,
> many turkey and several large snakes.  Smoke from the big fires in
> Columbia and Baker counties was heavy at times..
> They found a band of Indians who talked with them and said they (the
> Indians) plan to build a fence on land where the trail now runs. The
> residents asked that our boys notify the FT section leaders of their
> intent and the need to reroute the trail around their fence.  I have not
> been on this section, but my son said that to move the trail will involve
> a lot of work.
> I plan to write the FT office with this info, but I wondered if anyone on
> the mail list was in the know on that section.
> John from Clay County
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