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ATML Belview Mtn Campaign Update

I received this from Jay Leutze, chairman of the Concerned Citizens to
Protect Belview Mountain, as well as an update about where we go from here.


Hi Dan,
I continue to be amazed at the response you [folks at Trailplace] generated
and got into the public record in such a short period of time. I saw Tracy
Davis [of the Mining Division of NC Department of Environment and Natural
Resources] every day last week and he did nothing but print emails.  All
day every day. People at the Department of Commerce were shocked when they
learned of the volume of letters. We're now in a little bit of a holding
pattern, where we await word from DENR of what action it will take ....

end copy----------

He went on to say that a decision is expected by April 16, probably not the
decision we want (i.e., revocation of the mine permit), and that the whole
matter will probably go to litigation after that.

If you haven't yet written a letter asking DENR to revoke the mine permit,
it is not too late to do so. We need every letter we can get, an
overwhelming show of public outrage, to see if we can force DENR to reverse
the permit without having to go to court. Plus, every day, work on the mine
is proceeding and bulldozers are destroying the mountain, so we need to
keep applying pressure with our letters. To make your voice heard, see


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