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Re: [ft-l] FTA Maps

> Deb,
> I was very very disappointed in the FT maps for these reasons:
> 1. In the past, one could buy the guidebook, which included maps and data,
> for not too much money.  Now, to buy all that information, i.e. all the
> costs an incredible amount of money.  I would prefer that there were an
> of getting the new maps and data in black and white on plain paper for a
> reasonable cost, as in the past, for those who cannot afford the
> stuff.
> 2. Related to number 1, you can't fold the maps and put them in your
> The option of plain paper copies would solve this.  They can be coated to
> them waterproof, but still foldable and write-on-able.  I do coat a lot of
> maps.
> 3. With all the maps in the same "ratio" (can't think of the proper word),
> the smallish loop trails with a lot of twists and turns and loops are not
> in enough detail.  I was dismayed with the way the Phipps Park map ("my"
> turned out.
> Bottom line is that I may buy a couple of the FT maps for my local area,
> for "sentimental" reasons but I'm grateful not to be thruhiking and having
to buy
> all of them.  I know a bunch of people put in a lot of hours on this
project, and
> I'm sorry to have be so negative.  But I think they should have been
printed on
> waterproof paper (like the Appalachian Trail maps) instead of being stiff
> plasticized things.  And they cost too much. I am a real map "nut" and
> ones for trails I may never hike. But I won't be buying the FTA maps, and
> makes me very sad indeed.
> Good things: 1. color, 2. topo details.
> Thanks for asking.
> "Earthworm"
> > So I would like to ask the list - What do you like about the maps?  What
> > you not like about the maps?  If we were to change the maps, what should
> > done differently?  What things should we retain?  Please be honest and
> > specific.
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