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Re: [ft-l] FTA Maps

I would like to thank everyone who commented on the FTA maps.  I'll take
your thoughts into the meeting with me.  (I will summarize them and perhaps
quote from them, but your individual names will be deleted.)  I asked for
specificity and several of you gave me exactly what I was asking for.  Good,
bad or indifferent, if you don't state specifically what you like and
dislike about the maps, they will never be what you want them to be.  If
anyone else would like to comment (to the list or to me privately), please
continue to do so.  If you would be interested in working with the "map
committee" over the next year, contact me off-list.

Like I said, I wouldn't expect to see any major changes anytime soon.  The
new maps were almost 4 years, thousands of volunteer hours, hundreds of
professional hours and over $30,000 in the making.  Changes will be
incremental.  So, I don't know what will come out of the next "map meeting",
but I will make sure that all of your viewpoints mentioned here will be

In order to make the current maps as accurate as possible, I would encourage
you to try get hold of maps for areas that you are particularly familiar
with and note any data errors or changes (incorrect campsite locations,
trail relos, incorrect road names, etc.) and report them to the section
leader or to your chapter trail coordinator.  If the "map committee" doesn't
know of an error, it will never be corrected.  The map descriptions (text
pages) are maintained by the FTA and can be changed relatively easily and
cheaply.  The map images (graphic pages) must be changed by GeoPlan at the
University of Florida under contact agreement at an hourly rate, so they
take longer and cost quite a bit of money.   Any "wrong orientation" of the
map descriptions was done at the printers and can be reported to me, as well
as any simple typos in the map descriptions.  Carol Ann and I will make sure
those get corrected for the next printing.

I would like to offer one suggestion that works with the new maps as well as
the old.  I didn't like to trash up my old maps in the field any more that I
want to destroy the new ones.  I simply took the map(s) I would be using for
the weekend to a 'Xerox" machine and made a plain-paper copy.  That folded
up nicely in my pocket and it didn't matter if it got rained on or only
lasted the trip and it kept the original in good condition to be copied
again for the next trip.

Deb Blick

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