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[ft-l] Robins, Robins, ROBINS!!!!

Yesterday (2/12) we went for an afternoon hike at the Lake Jessup Wilderness, 
a Seminole County wilderness area of the Sanford side of Lake Jessup.  I have 
never seen so many robins in one place in my entire life.  It was NOISY with 
robins calling.  At every turn of the trail we flushed scores of robins out 
in front of us.  I didn't see any other kind of bird.  Everytime we stopped 
to look, the woods were full of flying robins.  The trees were full of 
hopping robins.  Any birders on the list?  I know we can see robins year 
round here in central FL, but this was like some kind of robin convention. 
I've hiked this area before and seen a variety of birds, but this trail was 
robin central yesterday.

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