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[ft-l] Bob Atwater

Old time Florida Trail Association members will want to know that Bob
Atwater has died.  He had suffered a stroke and had been a nursing home
for the past several months.  He was a long time FTA member, worked on
many sections of the trail and had served on the board of directors.  A
memorial service will be held at the Davis Funeral home in Melbourne, FL
Monday Feb 14 at 1 pm.  The family would like donations to the FTA in
lieu of flowers.

His daughter, Nancy Lipgens asked me to pass on this sad news.  I think
she'd appreciate thoughts from those who knew Bob. 
(nlipgens@belmont.kminc.com)  His December backpacks along the Suwannee
on section 18 were legendary.

Nancy Gildersleeve
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