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[CDT-L] Urgent Jim and Ginny

On Monday, I sent Jim and Ginny's drop via three day priority
to Lake City for an expected Thurs or Fri pickup.  Well you know they needed
to bail on Wednesday.  The checked in the Lake City PO on Wed, but assumed
they beat the mail.  No big deal since they were going to lay over till 
thurs anyway.
Thurday no package.  They waited till Fri AM but still no package.

There were actually two packages, sent the same day, from two different
post offices.  Neither have arrived.  According to the PO's delivery 
system, the packages are enroute. It looks like they have lost them.  A 
three day
package should have been there on Wednesday.   I have instituted tracking, but
according to the PO, they are probably sitting, forgotten. at an airport 
They say it cou;d take weeks to find them.

The problem is, in one of those boxes were the maps for the next 500 miles.
If anyone has a copy of the maps`or any of the info Jim and Ginny need,
please contact me ASAP.  I hope to hear from them from Pagosa Springs
on Monday.  If there is anyway to get them some maps or info, like
express mail or anything, please give me a yell.

This just basically sucks big time.

BTW.....for future hikers, the PO's recommendation is to send your maps
via ExpressMail because that is only service they provide that offers any 
real time tracing capability.

Hope someone can help.

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