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[CDT-L] San Juan Loop?????

I've had some people ask if the Pagosa Springs mail stop is still likely
for Jim and Ginny.

I checked Ginny's planning guide
If they jump off aT Lake City where they plan to be this thurs or Fri,
(Spring Creek Pass) and scoot up to Squaw Pass, that cuts about 84
miles out.  They have been pushing some long days but the days are
getting dark,  That's still 4 to 5 days hiking cut out.

They get back on a Squaw Pass which is just under 50 miles 2-3 days hiking
to Pagosa Spring,or rather to a 23 mile hitch to Pagosa Springs.

 From there, it's another 76 trail miles 4 -5 days hiking  to Charma
So the question is will they hitch into Pagosa or push to Charma.

They have no boxes scheduled for Pagosa, not even a bump box.
and there are ???? next to Pagosa on their master list so I guess
they won't decide until they get there.

Anyone out there, who are familiar with the terrain willing to hazard a
guess?  No penalty for guessing wrong <grin>.  Do my numbers
add up and when do you think they would hit Pagosa?  And Charma?

Normally this could be cleared up when they call from Lake City, but
I may miss their call since I will be heading for the Gathering.

Any help gratefully appreciated.

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