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[CDT-L] Approaching the Winds

Ginny, I truly respect JW a lot, a very lot, for all he's done and still
doing to establish the best route for the CDT. However, we stood and looked
over at the Ferris Range, contemplated the private land and water sources
issues and decided to savor the uniqueness of the lower edge of the Red
Desert. It has a special look and feel to it. The CDT does not have to be
the most mountainous or highest route everywhere, esp if the actual
placement of the Divide doesn't necessarily support it. I'm sure JW is sad
it's not going through the Ferris Range, but Shell and I will long remember
our route with pleasure. To each his own...

Wamsutter? Talk about hot, dry and very windy with nothing there
particularly for services! We had to pause there on a bus ride and it is NOT
a place Shell and I ever want to see again. You'd also have to walk by
numerous oil rigs dotting the horizon walking N from there.  Again, to each
his own...

Now, your question regarding north from South Pass. After talking with the
FS folks in Pinedale by phone last spring, we decided to break the mold of
traditional thinking utilizing the western approach to the lower Winds and
rather head up the east side. The one definite in my mind was that I didn't
want to miss the Cirque of Towers. Rather than approach from Big Sandy, and
dealing with the overgrown Pine Creek Tr (FS: as of late spring, 1998) or
worse, the long dirt road walking around to the west to get to Big Sandy, we
(tah-tah...snare drums and trumpets, please) gravel road walked up the east
side (not bad at all) past Louis Lake (buying a cold coke and snacks from
Steve Faerber at old, but getting renovated, Louis Lake Lodge along the way)
to Fiddlers Lake CG for the night. Then up  past Worthen Meadows Reservoir,
up Sheep Bridge Tr (at the unmarked jct right before Middle Fk of Popo Agie
be SURE to turn *right* to find the bridge over the Middle Fork which was
moved downstream), up the Middle Fk, up Pinto Park Tr, left up the N Fk of
Popo Agie for spectacular cliffs and scenery to the Cirque itself (in the
vernacular, AWESOME!), up over Texas Pass (I would next time stay to the
east of the stream going up. More on that if needed) and down the west side
(all gorgeous) to hook up with the CDT - totally unmarked.  Loved it...

Hpoe you find some of this ranting and raving of interest.

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