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[CDT-L] Web Space Offer (From Admin)

Hi All,

    I recently extended the offer of free web space for outdoor related
sites to the members of the AT-L.   I seem to have this down to a
science now, and would like to also offer this to those on the other NST
mailing lists.  Here's the relevant post:

> Hey folks,
>     I think we'll be ready to roll on the web space shortly.    If I
> could get an accurate list of everyone who needs space, it would be
> great.  Please send an email to me (ryan@inc.net) with the subject
> SITE REQ" (I get tons of email).   In the message, please include the
> following:
> Your Real Name:
> Email Address:
> Topic/Title of Site:
> Pick a username (8 chars or less, lower case):*
> Pick a password (8 chars or less, at least one non alphabetical
> character, case sensitive):
> Approx. Space Requirements:
> *- This "username" will also be used in the URL to get to your site.
> For instance, if I picked "ryan";  http://www.backcountry.net/~ryan

NOTE: This has changed to


> would be the URL.    If you feel that the site needs a "top-level"
> please contact me via email- it's doable, but it would be nice to keep

> these all the same for sake of administration.
> Please remember that this is for "outdoor" related content only.
> Also, I wont have much time to support these sites- so you'll need a
> basic knowledge of HTML,  an understanding of how to use FTP for
> (or an editor that does all this for you)  and I wont be backing this
> stuff up- so please keep a local copy.
> Thanks,
> Ryan Brooks
> ryan@inc.net

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