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Re: [CDT-L] hello all

At 09:38 PM 10/2/98 -0400, Paul Miller wrote:
>what type of skills does someone need to attempt somethind like that?  do
>you need mountainering equipment....  i am sure you need some winter
>equipment right?  Do you go through what someone(namely you) would consider
>a dessert?

	As I haven't seen any answers to these questions, I'm going to try.
	First -- I've never set foot on the CDT, so anything I say will be from
research and not experience.
	That out of the way, I expect the southern end of the CDT will be a very
DRY, HOT desert.  You'll need to ensure you have enough water or a way to
get water, be that 4 gallons in jugs (maybe a bit much), a water filter, or
a portable drilling rig!  Water is a major factor in this part of the country.
	Up into Colorado, expect the terrain to get rather high.  Temperatures
will probably be low at night.  Maybe 30-40 degrees F.  Give or take some,
depending on the weather of course.  But be ready for cold.  Farther north,
I'm not sure.

	The latest issue of New Mexico Magazine has a short article on the CDT in
New Mexico.  Might be good info if you can get a copy.


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