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[CDT-L] Re: CDT Drops

>Resupplies are:
>Brook Lakes Lodge, The Place (near Cora), Big Sandy Lodge, South Pass
City, Muddy Gap, Rawlins, Encampment, Steamboat Springs, Rand, and  Grand
Lake.  In RMNP, I'm going to actually hike the divide, rather than 
>follow the guidebook.  
>Enjoy your hike.  With as few resupplies as you're getting, you're
>probably planning on much higher mileage days than I am.

By no means, not higher mileage, my bones are 2 1/2 times older than
Was debating Big Sandy Lodge, but South Pass just another 30-40 miles,
so's if I have no cookin' food left, I'll consume all my peanut butter!

I don't have Jim's WY supplement, so I don't know either, if the BLM
route is the same, though to Muddy Gap is an alternate.

I'll be coming around, north of Henry's Lake, thats why going thru  West
Yellowstone. When the CDT is official around Henry, I'm sure more hikers
will do the same, then to follow the official Yellowstone CDT route, the
West Boundary trail will be used to get to Summit Lake. 

As  into Steamboat, gonna take the road southwest from Buffalo Pass, to, 
then east out,  on forest road 320,  to the Fish Creek trail,  back to
the CDT.

That's the Ideal way, going thru RM NP! I commmend you for doing so. If
your not aware, this month's Backpacker mag has article on a guy who did

I'm going to follow Jim's route south out of Grand Lake.  Not sure, but
been told, don't need a permit for that short segment. The national parks
on the CDT are such a hassle to get thru, on the PCT one can get a permit
for the whole trail, and it has more NP's to pass thru. Even the AT has
self registration, in NP's,  at the trailheads, like GSM, Shendoah.  Even
with a reservation, last year, I got rerouted and delayed slightly,  in
Glacier NP.

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