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 I don't have Jim's WY supplement, so I don't know either, if the BLM
 route is the same, though to Muddy Gap is an alternate.

No, it's not the same.  On the Supplement route, ford the Sweetwater River
about 800 yards upstream of the confluence with Willow Creek.  Anyone
interested in following the BLM route should note that the Ferris Mountain
alternative should be much more desirable -- we have urged BLM to select it.
 I'll be coming around, north of Henry's Lake, thats why going thru  West
 Yellowstone. When the CDT is official around Henry, I'm sure more hikers
 will do the same, then to follow the official Yellowstone CDT route, the
 West Boundary trail will be used to get to Summit Lake. 

The official route will be close to the Divide, not the boundary trail out of
West Yellowstone.  I would be interested in hearing your observations about
this stretch.
 As  into Steamboat, gonna take the road southwest from Buffalo Pass, to, 
 then east out,  on forest road 320,  to the Fish Creek trail,  back to
 the CDT.
 That's the Ideal way, going thru RM NP! I commmend you for doing so. If
 your not aware, this month's Backpacker mag has article on a guy who did

I doubt whether this is a practical route for the CDT.  If you want to get up
high in RMNP, I suggest that you do so only south of Grand Lake, crossing over
to Wild Basin and then using trails and roads on the east side before
rejoining the official route near Devils Thumb.

Jim W
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