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Re: [CDT-L] re boots

Jim (by way of Earl Needham ) wrote:
>> I do have a ??? about boots.  I went to the REI store and they said these were not good multi-day heavy load boots.  I have not had much porblems  with them.  Has anyone had any > problems with them? And does everyone use hiking poles now?
> Jim

A couple of clues in what he said - "heavy load" - if you are carrying a
lot of weight, you may want to have heavier boots.  If you are going
lighter weight, you don't need as much support, unless your ankles
aren't strong.  The other part is the "multi-day" - this is an out for
the manufacturer.  If you call up and say, "my boots fell apart after
only a month"  and they ask, "how many miles", and you say "400" - they
can legitimately say "Oh, our boots aren't meant for multi day hikes,
they are just weekend boots."  That way they aren't responsible for
replacing them.  On the AT in '92 a lot of people got caught that way. 
Usually, if you are polite, the manufacturers will replace boots that
fall apart as you hike. Vasque replaced Jim's Sundowners 3 times over a
two year period. However, I've heard them refuse to replace other hikers
by saying that the boots are not intended for expedition use, and that
they should have bought the more expensive heavy duty multi-day boots.
(I also heard Limmer refuse to replace a pair - go figure!) Any light or
mid-weight boot they can refuse to replace if you wear them thruhiking.
So, plan on 500-700 or so miles for a lightweight pair of boots, and
1000-1500 or so for a midweight pair, unless you are lucky, easy or
especially hard on your boots.  And hope you don't get caught by a
legalistic customer service rep who says, "These are only weekend boots,
we aren't responsible if you were wearing them for longer periods."

Ginny Owen

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