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[cdt-l] 30 e-mails worth of crap

I should say, I received 30 DIGESTS worth of crap. Each digest had many
copies of Jeff "Bad boy" Goode's rampage letter.

Usually on cdt-l, the digests each contain only one or two posts, and so
only differ from un-digest mode in that my daily news shows up on a 24 hour
schedule, rather than willy-nilly. But on a list like at-l, why anyone
doesn't receive in digest mode is beyond me. It's a protection mechanism,
not just against the full wrath of Jeff Goode episodes, but against
outrageous amounts of off-topic banter being received 24-7.

The 3-crown lists really do mirror the trails themselves. Their dynamics -
at least as much as the subject matter - tells the tale.

- blisterfree

"It may be true that my desk here is really 'nothing but' a transient eddy
of electrons in the flux of universal process. Nevertheless, I find that it
continues to support my feet, my revolver, and my cigars all day long. What
happens when my back is turned I don't know. Or much care. That's no concern
of mine."  - Edward Abbey


From: Ron Martino <yumitori@montana.com>
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Subject: Re: [cdt-l] 30 e-mails worth of crap
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Brett Tucker wrote:

> PS - No apologies from F.B. required. But maybe one from Jeff Goode would
> nice. And how pleasant were the list-serve to have caught this redundancy
> part of its virus check feature.

You only got 30? I received 235, not counting the individual ones he
sent the past couple of days. Apparently something caught most of it for