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[cdt-l] Back from the CDT


Been there, smelled that!  Loved your horse poop comparison. Can't tell you
the number of times on the CDT we said, "Ah, a horse has been here... we
must be OK!"


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I finished my CDT thru hike on September 30 in West
Yellowstone, MT.  I flipped to Canada from Macks Inn
in mid August.  It was snowing when I finished.  I'm
still processing the experience and adjusting to
post-hike life.

People have asked me to compare the three trails.  A
simplistic way to compare the trails is to consider
the presence of horse manure on the trail.  You won't
find horse manure on the AT, and would call a trail
maintenance organization to immediately clean it up if
found.  On the PCT, horse manure is a given and
frequently cursed by hikers.  It was especially bad
for me in 2000 following Lady Godiva and her wonder
horse Diarrhea.  On the CDT, horse manure on the trail
was sometimes welcomed, especially when following
something that didn't quite resemble a trail.  I
figured, I might be on an actual trail (or even the
actual CDT!) if I saw horse manure on the alleged

See you at the Gathering next week.

Tim CDT 02  Mexico-Macks Inn, Canada-Macks Inn (yeah!)
Starman PCT 00
Camel AT 98

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