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[cdt-l] Back from the CDT

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In a message dated 10/14/2002 7:25:49 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
atcamel@yahoo.com writes:

> I finished my CDT thru hike on September 30 in West
> Yellowstone, MT.  I flipped to Canada from Macks Inn
> in mid August.  It was snowing when I finished.  I'm
> still processing the experience and adjusting to

Congratulations Tim!  I know what you mean, I'm still adjusting myself.

Cobweb (AT99, PCT 01) and I finished in Grants on Oct 4th after skipping the
section to Cumbres Pass due to NF closures.  We were pretty much following
your foot steps in southern NM, talking the Jim Wolf route, and had expected
to run into after you flipped, but somehow managed to miss you in the
Scapegoat Wilderness, maybe when we did a crest walk with the winds blowing
70 miles an hour or more.  Wow, was that something, some of us got knocked

Anyway, maybe I'll run into sometime on another trail.  In the meantime, I
hope to see you at the Gathering this weekend.

Speaking of the Gathering, there'll be atleast two CDT slideshow
presentations and a workshop.  I can hardly wait.