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[cdt-l] Proposed CDT Relocation in Butte Segment

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The Forest Service is proposing to construct new trail along the Continental
Divide southeast of Anaconda.  This would replace the current route down
American Creek from Hungry Hill Mine to the Mill Creek Highway (MT 274). It
is doubtful whether this plan would reduce hikers' encounters with motorized
vehicles. It would mean less access to water sources and considerably more up
and down (with little scenic advantage). One pointless element of the plan
would bypass Jerry Creek and Larkspur Spring, which are the only convenient
water sources in a 20-mile stretch.

We have advised the Forest Service of these concerns. We have also identified
a more practical alternative that could be selected if it seems desirable to
get out of the valley of American Creek.

The Forest Service will be accepting written comments on this proposal until
December 15. You can receive a copy of the proposal by calling the Wise River
Ranger District office (406/832-3178). An environmental assessment, which
will reflect issues raised at this stage, is scheduled for release by April
2003. The Society will review the EA when it is released and welcomes advice
from Trail users.

The Society has submitted comments, which are available at a link on our home
page, www.cdtsociety.org

Please take a look at our letter as well as sending your own views to the
Forest Service. Let us have your feedback as well.  Thanks.

Jim Wolf