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[cdt-l] For Sale: Wyoming CDT book NEW

Hey Now,
Please forgive me if this isn't kosher but I need to unload this book, I need
some extra money.  I'm selling: Wyoming's Continental Divide Trail, The
Official Guide by Lora Davis.  This book is Nearly Brand New, i skimmed
through the 1st few pages when i got it a few months ago, total viewing time
about 3 minutes.  This book currently sells for $17.47 on Amazon and the CDTA
probably sells it for $25.

I'm selling it on Half.com for $13.25 + shipping for a Total Of: $16.04.

If you want to send me a money order I'll knock the price down to $15
including shipping.  If you want, you can use PayPal (denaligdeademt@aol.com)
also for $15 but I'd prefer a money order because of the Paypal fees.

That's it. If anyone's interested just let me know.  If not then oh well,
maybe someday it'll sell.  Thanks and Happy Trails :)


P.S. here's a link to the book on Half.com -

P.P.S ...also, if anyone's interested i'm selling New & Cheap: Trails of the
Sawtooth and White Cloud Mountains by Margaret Fuller.