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[cdt-l] CDT in '04

I'm also thinking 2004.

I'm planning 2003 as a tune-up year.  I've never been on trail (any trail)
for more than 10 days, so I'm hoping that some moderately long hikes (Long
Trail, Washington section of PCT) will get me in the thru-hikin' groove.


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>>Thinking about doing a CDT thru in 2004, anyone here
>>going then?

Assuming my plans work out, sometime around June 20th,
2004 plan on taking step and leaving the Canadian
Border. Approx 4 1/2-5 mos later, will hopefully
arrive at Mexico.

A fair amount of people I know plan on being on
thru-hiking the CDT in '04.  Seems like it will be
"big" year (relatively speaking) in terms of people
doing the trail. But a long can change in 1 1/2 yrs.


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