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[cdt-l] Re: want to join Rafi's organization?

yeah, thinking too hard may get you into trouble. that's really the beauty
of a long thruhike, you get all your thoughts out and then you get busy just
trying to be...

i like the idea of the Divide as just an abstract concept with multiple
realities "out there." seems like a good way of thinking about the CDT

i managed to make it through my slideshow last week without any further
questions about this strange thing we call the Divide. most people were
happy enough with the standard definition of it. slideshows are funny though
- they seem to bear so little resemblance to the CDT memories i have stored
away (of course that's partly because i'm not a very good photographer!),
but people seem completely transfixed anyway. no picture ever really
captures the feeling of being there, but i guess it's a trigger for people
to imagine what it might be like. or maybe they just like the pretty


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