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[cdt-l] Re: Split Creeks

Have you ever checked out the Great Basin. Almost the whole state of Nevada,
parts of  Idaho, Utah, and California drain into it. The Humbolt River and
Truckee River (out of Lake Tahoe) are good sized rivers that flow into the
Great Basin. No streams ever drain out of it to any ocean. Just sucked up by
the interior of Nevada.

Also I was raised in southern Idaho. There are a couple of  Lost Rivers that
disappear into lava flows near Arco (west of Yellowstone NP). It is believed
the water is the source of Thousand Springs along the Snake River near
Hagerman over 100 miles away.

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>No splitters, but I have seen them end at a sinkhole in FL and then come
>back out of the ground a mile or so away. Santa Fe River.

And there's a sinker like that just outside Lander, WY.
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