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[cdt-l] Re: Split Creeks

No splitters, but I have seen them end at a sinkhole in FL and then come
back out of the ground a mile or so away. Santa Fe River.


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>rafi et. al.,
>i should have read all the back cdt-l's before i shot off my previous
>reply,sorry.  i was amused by your quandry, rafi.  i can just picture you
>sitting on your backpack at Waterton Lakes, scratching your head when a
>dayhiker asked you the seemingly simple question, "what's the Continental
>Divide".  we shouldn't think too hard, we may hurt ourselves!
>it is interesting that something as clear-cut as the Divide has such a
>glaring anomaly at Two-Ocean Pass.  i imagine the original cartographers
>laughed at the field agents who came back to the office saying that a creek
>split in two and headed down both sides of the Divide.  they must have been
>drunk or halucinating, right?!
>has anyone seen a creek split anywhere else?  i always tell people i have
>see creeks split around islands and rejoin, but never stay split!  not even
>around a ridge and then rejoined miles later.  I think God had a little
>smirk on his face when he got the idea to make Two Ocean Creek.
>take care,
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