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[cdt-l] Hiker's Going North

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 I had the pleasure of hiking a bit with Swiss Miss, Luzia, Papi, Wandering
Bear, Ben Curtis and Slyman from I-15 to Bannack Pass Northbound. I must
admit this trail is much harder than the PCT with rough grades and a bit of
route finding. My neighbor Singing Steve came with me and hiker as far as
Bannock Pass. Saw alittle lightning and sleet and got charged by a Buffalo
near Bannank Pass as a large herd of Buffalo owned by a Doctor guard pass
from hikers!! Thanks to Lynne Howard's Book with great maps and route info
and to Jonathon Ley for his help and info as well!! The Lima Motel is now
going to be called the Exit 15 motel and will have the same phone number.
Steve at the motel is very much aware of the CDT and is willing to help
hikers by offering free camping at motel and showers and laundry for a very
low price. ( He will even make runs to Dillion if hiking need something Lima
doesn't offer. ( Great Guy allowed me to keep my Van there for a week ) I
missed PA Jeff , Tripod and Dawn, but sounds like all will finish around
Sept. 15 or maybe 20th. Those straight up climbs olong the fence line on CDT
are killer after coming here from 200ft above sealevel to hiking at 8,000 to
9,000ft!!! Great trail and good company! Monte