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[cdt-l] Rabbit Ears Range Trail Closure

Good news from the Forest Service!

Parks District Ranger Charles Oliver (P.O. Box 158, Walden CO 80480) has 
issued a decision to eliminate motorized use of trails in the Hyannis Peak 
area of the Rabbit Ears Range Segment. As reported in the September 2000 and 
September 2001 DIVIDEnds, the Society was advocating such action; and we 
applaud the decision's conclusion that "closing the trail to motorized use 
will prserve the integrity of the CDNST and will enhance the experience of 
Forest visitors seeking the nationally significant scenic, historic, natural, 
and cultural qualities that the trail has to offer."

The decision should help to assure that miles 17.2 to 26.7 of Section 2 of 
the Rabbit Ears Range Segment (2000 Supplement) will offer a nonmotorized 
experience, although the last few of these miles are not directly covered by 
the current action.

We are also grateful to the Friends of the Troublesome, who shared our 
concerns and also expressed their views forcefully to the Forest Service.  

We anticipate the possibility that the motorized user community may appeal 
this decision and, if so, we will continue our efforts to see that it is 

Interested persons may write Mr. Oliver to express their support and/or to 
request a copy of the Record of Decision, the Final Environmental Impact 
Statement, and the Comment Analysis 

Continental Divide Trail Society
3704 N. Charles St. (#601)
Baltimore MD 21218

(Jim Wolf, 410/235-9610, cdtsociety@aol.com)