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[cdt-l] From Miss Janet

Please forgive me if this a little long and syrupy.  I
am not sure it is completely appropriate for the list
but I really need to say some things.

It has been a very long and complex year and I have
been feeling the strain lately.  Many of you know that
I have been working on plans to open my own sort of
Hiker Bed and Breakfast here in Erwin, Tennessee. The
constant nagging doubts, the mortgage preapproval
circus, the hurry up and wait awhile, the countless
little details, the building inspections, the
expensive big details... then more waiting...
Everything was really at a stand still last week and I
was really depressed. I felt I was in need of therapy.
 The kind of therapy where you mix lots of old and new
hiker friends with new hiking stories, toss in
pictures then shake with laughter and add a happy tear
or two. The ALDHA Gathering was just the treatment but
so out of reach for me financially!  I couldn't take
that much time off from my job...away from my
girls...I couldn’t rent a car...There would be no
money to spend...  Have you ever heard that a dog
knows what plants to eat when it is ill?  Well, I knew
in my soul that the Gathering was what I needed. So I
just did it!  I was right!
The Redhead will be making our official trip report
and was it ever a TRIP!  An 18 hour drive after
working for 24 straight hours!! New Hampshire is a
long way from home for us "South'ren Belles".  We were
crazy and dumb and irresponsible and exhausted and it
was the perfectly right thing to do! 
We arrived at Storrs campground after midnight to the
lovely sight of little tent villages all through the
woods.  A dark form came towards the car to direct us
to the campfire.  It was Jester from the trail famous
Traveling Bills!  His welcoming shout of "ITS MISS
JANET!" tickled me to death.  Then the wonderful
greeting I got at the fire made me feel right at home
and at peace.  The next two days taught me a lot about
myself...I learned that I am VAIN!  And that the love
and respect from those you care about is awesomely
healing.  Every where I went, all over campus, people
were stopping to thank me for rides to the grocery
store, telling me how much they enjoyed a cookout I
had somewhere in "99, asking if their space in my
living room floor was still  available, saying such
wonderful, sweet things...and all of them telling me
how much they support me. People I was excited to meet
were telling me how glad they were to meet ME at
last...Earl Shaffer and his family greeted me as a
friend...Now THAT is special!!  Julia Roberts has
never felt as special and important as everyone made
me feel this weekend.  Never have I felt so
appreciated for doing such small things, things that
give me a lot of pleasure to do!  I have been involved
in many important projects, organizations and jobs
where I put in much time and effort and I never
received this kind of thanks and appreciation. THANK
YOU ALL!  The cure I found for my insecurities and
uncertainties was the best kind of Trail Magic.  You
all have given back to me more than you will ever
know. I believe Trail Magic is a very real force in
this wonderfully, crazy AT community. Have you ever
noticed it is very hard to give someone a big ole hug
without getting hugged back?  Thank you all for the
hug and the cure.  I am now ready to face the
obstacles to my plans to open "MISS JANETS HOUSE" (a
Bunk and Breakfast serving the AT hiking community) 
It will still be difficult to solve many of the
problems but I now feel strong and ready to battle the
bad guys. This community is part of my life. I am not
a big hiker but you all have allowed me to be part of
your hikes and I am honored. This project is more of a
calling than a business venture. As soon as I hear
from the mortgage company holding the property I want,
I will know which direction things will go.  Twice
already I have lost the home I wanted, due to
unforeseen circumstances.  Third time is the charm,
right?  So please think positive thoughts for me!

Love always,
The newly invigorated
Miss Janet  

Miss Janet

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