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[cdt-l] Finished with N.M.

"john corrigan" <spitzel803@hotmail.com> wrote:

>What an expanse of wildness.&nbsp; From the people to the wildlife to the 
>natural scenery N.M. was a joy-that is of course if you're in the shade and 
>have water!&nbsp; We used the BLM and National Forest maps and were 
>pleasantly surprised and downright disgusted with them.&nbsp; In general we 
>found the wells on the map and were very grateful.&nbsp; Topographically 
>the maps just simply sucked.&nbsp; The large map of the Gila, Aldo Leopold 
>is completely useless and might be the worst map ever printed for 
>topography, but it did make for interesting detours.&nbsp; I recommend 
>going down Black Canyon from Reed's Meadow then using Tom Moore canyon 
>(east fork Gila) then up the the Dwellings then west fork Gila for a short 
>bit and crossing over to middle fork at the meadows.&nbsp; It was hard,wet 
>yet beautiful canyon/mesa scenery.&nbsp; And we even had flowing 
>water-unbelievable!&nbsp; We're flipping from Pagosa to hopefully outpace 
>the potential fires up north.&nbsp; From all that !
>  I've heard this is going to be a horrible year.&nbsp; I'm still 
>travelling with Semperfi Drew and Meatball.&nbsp; Hope all is well!&nbsp; 
>Travel light! Gimli

John -
You picked an interesting route - sounds like you're happy with it. With the 
reportedly low snowpack up north this year your flip sounds like a really 
good idea.

Tell Drew we said Hi.

Walk softly,
Jim and Ginny
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