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[cdt-l] topo maps

>>Personal opinion is that those maps are just plain inadequate.

It really depends. I've printed digital USGS topo quads on larger paper (22"
x 17") and find them as adequate as a USGS map in terms of readability and
detail. But I agree, the standard sheet size maps are pretty poor. I do find
them useful as a 2nd resource if you're using a GPS and need a map with a
GPS grid on it.

>>We know of one hiker who had good maps and was lost for 4 
or 5 days and out of food before being picked up by some fishermen in 

Sounds like he had more problems than those associated with maps. There is
no place along the Montana CDT that "remote." The route through Montana is
pretty much a no-brainer. I'd be worried more down in NM (just from looking
at the maps, as I haven't been down there).