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[cdt-l] topo maps

Good info... I tried one of the WY maps to see the difference.  The
quality is nice.  Plus, I like the fact that you get the "whole map" -
side information, etc. I'm trying to get the most "bang for the buck"
and 125DPI is enough.  When I print these out, the effective scale
(on paper) is about ~1 inch : 1 mile, or ~1:60000 (retaining all the 1:24000
data). This is similar to the scale of Green Trails maps (for those of you
familiar with those - they're 1:69500)
I can read all the data clearly (it is small though).  I'm printing at
(not 720 like I said earlier) in full color. (I wish could snail-mail y'all
of these - they really do look good)

The 1:100000 maps would be nice for a big picture, but I wouldn't
want them to be my only source - they skip a lot of important details.

-Jonathan "determined to find a better CDT map solution!" Ley

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> A couple of other topo map options also exist. I have previously pointed
> out the the USGS maps for MT, ID, WY, and NM are available for free.
> These are DRGs or geotif maps at 250 dpi.  The compressed file size are
> about 3 Mbytes. I downloaded the Montana and Yellowstone maps and burned
> them onto two CDs.
> Links are available through:
> http://mcmcweb.er.usgs.gov/drg/free_drg.html
> I tried the TopoZone Map Factory demo, those are at 125 dpi. The nice
> thing about these maps is it looks like adjacent maps are spliced
> together for you.  Since the resolution is lower, these maps should
> download faster if you are doing it through a modem. My quick tests
> through a high speed connection actually downloaded about twice as fast
> from WY  than Topozone, despite the file being twice as big (3MB vs. 1.5
> MB) for maps covering the same amount of area.
> The CDTS lastest Dividends issue also noted that they now offer a CD
> with all of the USGS 1:100,000 scale maps covering the entire CDT.  I
> believe the price was $35 and includes software to view and print them.
> They have not updated their Marketplace page yet, but you probably can
> get more info through gorp.com/cdts
> Jeff
> Jonathan Ley wrote:
> > The TOPO! statewide CD-ROMs are $200 each!  The
> > maps from these are really nice - seamless and

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