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[cdt-l] topo maps

I would also recommend looking at IGAGE web site.  Igage does entire state
topo sets with 1:24,000, 1:100,000 and 1:250,000 maps stored on CD.  They
also have a seaming tool that lets you assemble  numerous maps or potions of
maps into one map.  The maps can be exported in various formats with the
scale and your personal name for the map printed in the collar.  I also
believe that you can print the map without a collar if you wish.  Kinkos
will print these maps in a two foot wide format at $1.00 a linear foot in
black and white.

The cost is cheaper than the TOPO maps - about $100.00 a state + or -.  I
have purchased most of the states for the CDT and am in the process of
assembling section maps or special area maps.


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Yes, topozone is a good service.  But I think that it is used best as a
reference.  A more detailed and accurate software (and, I haven't done the
math, but it seems cheaper) is TOPO! maps on cd-rom now owned by National
Geographic. Unlike topozone you can get maps in 4-5 different scales
including forest service, 24000, and AAA maps.  The cds cover the entire
state and you can draw trails and edit the maps as you please.  They also
print beautifully.  Check 'em out at www.topo.com.

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