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[cdt-l] alcohol stoves

You are correct sir.. However, I am thinking along the
lines of the strategy of if I find a town that is
moderate in size (Silverthorne or Rawlins for example)
mail myself four or five weeks ahead worth of

Not all of us have the support staff at home and can 
rely on a kind soul to send us 20 mail drops. I have
noticed in even the most out of the way town, they
seem to seel gas line antifreeze. A 20oz soda bottle
of that stuff will last three weeks. So I will have to
do a modfied shop as I go/mail drop strategy for fuel
and food needs. Again, this is what I will have to do.
 Unless something changes drastically in the next two
years, I will not have a person willing to send me 20+
packages of food and and Esbit tabs.

To paraphrase Jim "This ain't the Alaskan bush". If
you are willing to scrounge a bit, I am sure a town
once a month will provide I need to see supplies 3-4
weeks ahead. (Yeah.I've been doing some research).

> canister or whatever? No matter how you do it, you
> are > dependent on maildrops. 

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