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[cdt-l] Cuba

<< Can you elaborate on the motels that are now privately owned in Cuba? 

Brian called last night from Grants, NM.  (257.6 miles, near as I can figure, 
from Cumbres Pass in 10 days.)  In Cuba, he stayed in the last room available 
at the Frontier Motel ($25.) because the other two places were full of 
construction workers.  There's a huge road construction project going on in 
the area, which accounts for the shortage of rooms.  The Del Prado is near 
the post office.  There is a third motel that he couldn't remember the name 

*Yes, I know this is bad English.  But it reminds me of a TRUE story:  

A friend of mine asked of a passerby, on the Stanford campus, "Where's the 
library at?"  

The passerby responded," One simply does not end a sentence with a 

To which my friend replied, "I'm sorry, sir.  So, where's the library at, 
asshole?!!" ;-)