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[CDT-L] Griz

David: How are you? By most accounts the Grizzle has worked its way back
into the Winds. Two were shot near Roaring Fork in '99 the week I passed
through there--their crime? They are meat eaters! I was out again this past
August and saw prints just south of the Green River around the Highline trail.
On my trek I dropped off the Divide into the Big Hole. I spent a night in
Rosie's Cantina in Jackson, MT discussing Wolves and Bears with a bunch of
local ranchers. Knowing the Cattlemens Assoc. take on the subject I was
surprised at their individual attitudes. All were outdoorsmen who liked the
fact that these animals were about. One told me he wished all his stock
were eaten by protected predators. He said Defenders of Wildlife paid much
better than the auction block. 
--Keep Smilin', Dick E. Bird
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